Micro skin needling

Collagen and elastin are the natural aids to more youthful looking skin, and micro skin needling is an effective way to nurture and stimulate the production of these two components in your skin. If you are looking for a safe treatment, that doesn’t involve removing any skin cells, you may want to talk to your Haynes Dental & Implant Clinic clinician about micro skin needling.

By using small needles to gently break the surface of the skin, micro needling encourages your skin to regenerate, and the result is new, more youthful looking skin. It can be used to treat a range of skin problems from wrinkles and fine lines to enlarged pores and acne or chicken pox scars. It can also help to repair sun damage to the face, pigmentation and even help with cellulite and stretch marks.  


A device containing tiny needles is gently rolled over your face and neck. The tiny punctures alert your skin to go into repair-mode and effectively send a message to rejuvenate your skin and create new, healthy skin cells. Encouraging your body to produce elastin and collagen will result in plumped up skin and improved skin texture. Micro skin needling is an option that even those with a fear of needles can consider, as they are so small that they can even be used around the delicate eye area.

This kind of skin treatment can be tailored to your exact needs. It is advisable to visit for a course of three to five treatments, spaced across four to six week intervals. This will effectively promote stimulation of elastin and collagen in your skin and leave you will lasting results. It is usual to expect some initial redness after treatment that will disappear after 48 hours, and the effects of micro skin needling can last anywhere from two to three months after one treatment or have longer term effects with a series of treatments.  

Whether you want younger looking skin, help with scars or damaged pores, your local London clinician can help and advise on the best course of action for your needs. For more information, contact us today on 020 8674 1838. 

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