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A chemical peel (or facial peel) may be on the cards if you want to tackle fine lines around your mouth and eyes. This treatment option may also be recommended if you are looking to improve the appearance of mild scars, treat some kinds of acne, or reduce age spots and dark patches (melasma). A chemical peel will generally even out skin tone and restore a healthier, younger looking you. As well as visually improving your skin, a peel will stimulate the production of collagen in your body, to naturally contribute to an anti-ageing process. 


Facial peels rejuvenate your skin cells by exfoliating and ‘peeling’ away the uppermost layers of skin on your face. It is a simple procedure, consisting of a chemical solution that is brushed directly onto the skin to remove the dead cells and stimulate new cell growth. There are three varieties of ‘peel’: superficial, medium and deep. 

A superficial peel is left on the skin for a few minutes to remove the top layer of skin cells (the epidermis). For a couple of hours after the procedure, your face may feel a little tight, and it is recommended that you keep up regular treatments to maintain the effects. 

A medium peel is left on for a bit longer than a superficial peel, in order to penetrate to the middle layers of skin. It is usual to feel a burning or stinging sensation during this procedure. The effects of a medium peel can last around six months to a year, at which point it is advisable to keep up the treatment. 

A deep peel is a one-off treatment that affects the deeper skin cells. This treatment requires a local anesthetic and careful monitoring throughout the process. 

At Haynes Dental & Implant Clinic, our clinicians will discuss the most suitable option for your needs and skin suitability.

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